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This was a public forum post reprinted here with permission from the author.   This was a response to a series of "hateful posts" by Dr. Laura's opponents.  The author makes several good points here, but the foundation of his argument was inaccurate.  Dr. Laura never actually said that homosexuality is wrong.   She does not make judgments about private behaviors that do not affect others.   The author of this post assumed she had made those statements against homosexuality simply because her opponents lied that she did.  Her opponents typically cannot come up with valid reasons/facts why they do not like her message, so they tend to lie about what she has said and meant.  It makes their job easier.

Dr. Laura has stated numerous times that she does not care what sexual acts are performed by unmarried willing adults as long as children are not involved (directly or indirectly).   In fact, she has a large homosexual following, several individuals on her broadcast team are homosexual, and her best male friend is homosexual.  If you have heard or read someplace that she is homophobic or speaks "hatefully" against gays, then I suggest you take a close look at the individual or organization making the claim, and figure out what hidden agenda they may have.

by Scott Regener

Q: What is it specifically about Dr. Laura's statements that bothers you? A: That she says homosexuality is wrong.

Ah. Not that she says something that isn't true. Not that she doesn't understand what her religion says. Just that she has the audacity, the *nerve* to actually declare an action wrong based on solid moral teaching and sound fact.

"What is right for me..."

I've never understood this statement when it relates to morals. There are a few competing world views and its important to know which one you're coming from.

World View #1, the commonly popular one, is humanism. It states that there is nothing above human reason, and that, since we're all humans, none of us can tell any other what to do. Thus, there is no "right" or "wrong" because each of us simply decides for ourselves what we will do. Interestingly enough, what we often believe is "right for me" now turns out to have been "wrong for me" later, when time has allowed us to decide differently. Thus, regret for our mistakes or anger at the unfairness of the result of a decision that we were right in making permeates our later years.

With World View #2, we have the Judeo-Christian world view, which includes as one of its basic beliefs that there is a God who (through one means or another) made us and is all-knowing. As an all-knowing God, he would certainly know what is best for us and what is harmful for us. His decrees of "right" and "wrong" then are not intended to limit our choices, but to help us see that things that are "wrong" cause more harm and do more damage than things that are "right."

Now, if you want to hold to a shifting standard of "right for me" as the be all an end all, you will have to live with the possibility that you don't know as much now as you ought in order to make the right decision about what is "right for you." In other words, you will go through life making decisions with no certainty that the things you believe are right today will actually still be the things you believe were right when today becomes yesterday.

Dr. Laura clearly believes in an absolute standard of right and wrong. It takes character and sacrifice to put our own ideas of what is best aside for what the absolute standard says. It is not easy. It is not "fun." And it often leads us down roads that may seem to be less rewarding than the fast and easy standards of "whatever goes." It is certainly understandable that people who do not adhere to absolute standards resent those who do.

And that is fundamentally what people are objecting to. Dr. Laura believes in an absolute standard of right and wrong and is perfectly willing to tell anyone who asks her opinion what that standard says they should do. You adhere to a standard that says no one should tell anyone what to do, but by your own admission, that standard is only "right for you" and "right for now." So why protest Dr. Laura for the standard that is "right for her" and her many listeners (and soon to be viewers) agree with.

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