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Swift Boat Vets for Truth
Thank you President Bush
Is it Time to Secede?
BLM Seizes Cattle in Nevada
Casey Martin and the Broken ADA
Exit Poll Analysis
Electoral College
Election 2000 Results
Campaign Finance Reform
Myths about the U.S. Constitution
Moderates and the Middle
New Democracy
Political Glossary
Tearing Apart Claims for Abortion Rights

Congressional Bills

House Resolution 466
Senate Bill 2099

Other Writers

Genocide of Sudanese Christians
Gun Control: British Style
Does Truth Exist?
Truth May Inconvenience Our Perceptions


Constitution of the CSA
Declaration of Independence
Federalist Papers
U.S. Constitution


Emancipation Proclamation
Gettysburg Address
Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death


More Guns, Less Crime by John Lott
Guns, Crime, and Freedom by Wayne Lapierre


Noah in 2000

Patriotic Award of Honor

Spirit of America Award

Welcome to Politics @ Maitreg.com.  On this site you will find articles, documents, statistics, and other information on a variety of issues that support the host's conservative-libertarian views.  All feedback is welcome.

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