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This is a glossary of popular political terms and phrases and their meanings to liberals and conservatives.






abortion   a woman's right to end her own unwanted pregnancy the disregard for the life of an unborn baby a choice to end a pregnancy a woman has the right to make without forcing other citizens to fund the decision
affirmative action a necessary legislation to ensure that all citizens are treated equally and have the same opportunities the guarantee that all hiring and acceptance practices be based on racial, ethnic, and gender quotas somewhat similar to the existing shares of the population the guarantee that individuals are not hired or accepted based on merit but on skin color, ethnic origin, or gender a clear violation of a person's and organization's liberties of making their own decision on who to associate with and hire
capitalism an economic system that serves to increase the wealth of the wealthy at the expense of sending the poor farther into poverty same as socialist same as libertarian an economic system that ensures a growing economy by rewarding labor and talent; the only system available that offers the poor a chance to survive
civil rights the backbone of socialism, ensures that all citizens are on an even level when it comes to social opportunities preferential treatment for females or any persons of low income or of a minority race, ethnicity, or religion that claim to be a victim of the majority or wealthy equal treatment under the law of all individuals and organizations regardless of race, ethnicity, religion,  income-level, or gender see affirmative action
drug war ensures that no illegal substances are produced, transported or used that may effect the mindset of the people as a whole in a negative manner same as libertarian same as socialist an illegal war declared on the citizens by the government that attempts to disallow the rights of the citizens to use in any manner any chemical or herbal substance they choose
egalitarianism a belief that everyone is equal by nature, and all inequalities are results of crimes against humanity same as socialist same as libertarian a system that intentionally restrains those individuals of greater intelligence and talents to impose artificial equality
freedom of speech/press an evil system that allows a single citizen to bring down nation as a whole by speaking against it the guaranteed right to speak freely without the threat of legal action of any idea deemed "liberal" the guaranteed right to speak freely without the threat of legal action of any idea that does not harm the welfare of children the cornerstone of personal liberties, allows all citizens to speak freely and publish any message they wish
gun control a necessary tool to ensure that no individual or group has the means to overthrow the people's government a method of reducing the number of weapons that only exist to kill children 1. a method to ensure that violent criminals always have the upper-hand on their innocent victims
2. a method to ensure that the government will always have the force to imprison the population
a violation of a person or organization's ability to overthrow a tyrannical government and/or defend themselves against other citizens and organizations
hate crime legislation laws that attempt to prevent crimes against blacks, Hispanics, Asians, women, and homosexuals by increasing the penalty of the crime same as socialist same as libertarian 1. a violation of the "Double Jeopardy" portion of the 5th Amendment that serves to charge a single person twice for the same crime
2. a violation of the "Free Speech" portion of the 1st Amendment that serves to charge a person with a crime based on their perceived thoughts and/or beliefs
3. a violation of the 14th Amendment, Section 1 that ensures a different set of laws applied to persons based on their gender, race, or sexual preference
4. a violation of the 10th Amendment that gives the federal government jurisdiction over state crimes
open-minded one who illegally has opinions that differ from the assign philosophy approved by the people's government one who openly rejects, without due reason, all ideas including, but not exclusive to, religion, conservatism, capitalism, and morality one who believes that his/her own beliefs may, in fact, be "wrong" and is willing to accept a new belief that is "right" undefined
sensitivity training an educational course designed to improve the level of sensitivity to other cultures, religions, races, genders, and sexual preferences same as socialist a course that various organizations force their employees to take that attempts to brainwash them into thinking that white heterosexual Christian males are evil by nature and everyone else is good by nature a violation of a person's free exercise of thought, expression, and education
separation of church and state undefined because religion is outlawed under socialism guarantee that any organization that receives government funding does not participate in religious activities guarantee that any individual who attends a government-funded institution will not be allowed to practice his/her religion at will a violation of the authority of the local/state government that wishes to fund, by a majority vote, an institution of education that teaches a prescribed curriculum that may or may not differ from the majority curriculum in the rest of the state and/or nation
sexual preference an illegal practice that does not work for the benefit of the people as a whole an inborn force that controls one's sexual habits same as libertarian the choice of which gender one chooses to have sex with
socialism an economic system that ensures equal share of wealth to all working adults same as socialist same as libertarian an economic system that ensures the entire population lives in poverty; enriches the government at the expense of the populace
welfare a semi-socialist program that exists within capitalism that distributes a small portion of the wealth from those who have it to those who need it a system that serves to lend a helping hand to those in financial need in order to bring them to self-sufficiency same as libertarian a government program that guarantees financial dependency of a segment of the population by removing the chance of self-sufficiency by means of wealth redistribution; the beginning stages of socialism
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