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Moderates and the Middle

by Maitreg

What is a moderate? The flood to moderatism has been pretty severe in recent years. Why so? Those who claim to be moderate declare that it's only natural because it's the place upon the great political spectrum (which I don't think is linear, by the way, but that's another discussion) where most people fall, in the middle. That certainly makes sense. Why the whole definition of "moderate" says that it's a non-extremist. How many of us label ourselves as extremist? Especially in modern day when extremists are either anti-abortionists who murder doctors in cold blood or environmentalists who risk their lives to save a single tree by living in the top of that tree for months at a time, how could we possibly label ourselves as such? Or...

Could an extremist simply be somebody who believes in something a great deal? Are ordinary Christians extremists because they worship God on a daily basis? Are pro-abortion people extremist because they believe in the right to abortion "no matter what"? What about those who stage marches requesting more gun control? Or how about those that declare gun ownership as an irreversible American right? What exactly is an extremist? Since moderates define themselves as non-extremists, perhaps the only way to define a moderate is to, in fact, define an extremist.

Among the examples I've just given you of possible extremists, which of them are typically labeled as extremists?

bulletChristians? Yes
bulletEnvironmentalists? No
bulletPro-choice? No
bulletAnti-abortion? Yes
bulletGun control? No
bulletGun rights? Yes

Hmm, there seems to be a pattern here. Of course, if you fall into any of these categories with a "no", you're probably thinking to yourself that it makes perfect sense because you don't think of yourself as extremist. And you're probably thinking that the others on the list are obvious extremists, right? Would it surprise you that the other people on the list actually think the complete OPPOSITE of that? Would it surprise you to learn that anti-abortionists consider themselves "normal" and that only those who wish to murder babies are "extremists"? Or maybe that gun owners who see gun ownership as an American right that can't be taken away because it's in the Constitution consider gun-control people to be "extremists" or "fanatics" because their goal is to rewrite this country's founding documents, to REMOVE certain rights they don't consider justified?

I've noticed this phenomenon more often than I'm willing to recollect. Most people consider themselves to be "normal" and everyone else to be "weird". Yes EVEN CONSERVATIVES. Liberals have an extremely tough time understanding this though. Most of them see themselves as "moderate", "normal", or "middle of the road" when, in fact, to a conservative, they are very much to the left. Unfortunately, even those conservatives who consider themselves to be "normal" also consider themselves to be "far-right" since it's been drilled into them so often over the years by the leftist media. Since they do consider themselves to be far-right, they can only assume that liberals populate the far left, moderate left, AND the middle!

But don't tell a liberal that, or they'll call you anaziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews. Liberals tend to have a very difficult time facing facts and reality. It's in the resistance to the truth that they have convinced so many other liberals that they are really in the "middle" and are "moderate" when in fact, they're just as liberal as those who actually consider themselves "far-left".

I spend a lot of time listening to local talk radio (yes, liberal and conservative) to try to get a handle on how everyone around me sees the world. Quite often though, I find it disturbing to hear blatant liberals declare themselves as "normal" and "moderate" when they're obviously as liberal as possible. Just recently, a liberal talk host was discussing this. He's known for declaring himself "moderate" and basing his political philosophy on "common sense" and stating that most of Minnesota falls into this category because the state is "normal", has "common sense", and is "moderate". Yet this is a man that thinks that ALL guns should be made illegal. He favors affirmative action (racial and gender quotas). He's stated numerous times that he believes PRIVATE religious-affiliated schools should be forced to shut down by the government because they are "miseducating children". He favors late-term abortion. He speaks very harshly against media personalities Jason Lewis, Rush Limbaugh, and Dr. Laura Schlessinger, while declaring Howard Stern an "American hero". Yet, this man calls himself a "moderate" and "normal"? So normal that Rush and Dr. Laura are the #1 and #2 radio personalities in the COUNTRY!! Hmm. The truth hurts, even those that refuse to face it.

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