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Is it Time to Secede?

By Chuck Baldwin
April 2, 2002
Chuck Baldwin Live

A recent column written by Dr. Walter Williams succinctly stated the constitutional case for secession. His history is accurate and his reasoning is sound. The bottom line is that the Founding Fathers fully acknowledged the right of states to secede from the Union should they choose to do so. Abraham Lincoln was wrong in 1861. The war waged by the separatist South was indeed "A War Against Northern Aggression."

Obviously, the rightness of the Southern cause is overshadowed by its defeat. However, the propaganda war waged against the South during the past 50 years rivals Lincoln's war, and then some.

Great Southern leaders such as Davis, Lee, and Jackson have been sullied and denigrated to the point that even their great character and virtue have been thoroughly expunged from the minds of the American people, not to mention the great cause of independence for which they fought. It is the height of inconsistency to demean Lee and his fellow Confederates while at the same time honoring Washington and his fellow revolutionaries. The cause of one was the cause of both. Of course, today's socialists (which are found in both major political parties) solve that problem by repudiating both the Founding Fathers and the Southern Confederacy.

Herein lies the real agenda: it is the goal of socialists to squash the spirit of independence from the minds and hearts of the American people. As long as dependence upon government is the result, it does not matter whether one calls himself a Republican or Democrat.

It appears painfully obvious that neither political Party intends to return America to the principles of self-government. Both of them are determined to create bigger and bigger government, more bureaucracy, more dependence, and less freedom.

Therefore, the question begs to be asked, "When is secession in order?" How long will free men tolerate ever-increasing encroachment upon their liberties? When will they say, "Enough is enough," and declare their independence again?

If Mormons can move in mass to the state of Utah and subsequently control its government, could not freedom-loving people do the same in another state? Could not that state legislature then declare itself free and independent? If so, which state? If the causes are not sufficient for such action now, when will they be?

Furthermore, we can no longer look to our political leaders or to our religious leaders to help us. They have all become lackeys for the establishment socialists who control the affairs of state. Forget the Republican Party; it is a lost cause! At some point, the people of this country must act for themselves.

Williams's argument for secession is as valid today as the South's was in 1861. It needs to be considered again.

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