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Thank You President Bush

by Bryan Williams
Published in the Northfield News, March 10, 2004

America is winning the war on terror. After Sept. 11, President George W. Bush acted decisively to rout Al Qaeda from their hiding places, and America is safer as a result. He continues to wage the global war on terror with focus and determination. Our military proceeded with skill and bravery to liberate the people of Afghanistan and Iraq, and ensure that weapons of mass destruction (WMD) never find their way into the hands of terrorists.

We all know that no significant WMD's have been found in Iraq yet. But since the 1991 Gulf War, the United Nations has passed 17 resolutions demanding the disarmament of Iraq. And 17 times, Saddam Hussein defied the U.N. Saddam consistently lied to, tricked, and hid weapons programs from U.N. weapons inspectors. What was he hiding, besides the billions of dollars he skimmed off the "Oil for Food" program which left his country starving and in poverty? The U.N. and even President Bill Clinton acknowledged that Iraq had illegal weapons. So where are they? Only a few people know, and they aren't talking.

Ignoring the problems won't make them go away; it will only make us more vulnerable. And that's exactly what John Kerry wants to do. If Kerry's policies were in place today, the Taliban would still be oppressing women in Afghanistan. Saddam would still be evading U.N. weapons inspectors and beheading political adversaries as Iraq's dictator. Libya would still be pursuing nuclear weapons development for state-sponsored terrorist organizations. Saudi Arabia would still be pretending that the fundamentalist terrorists within its own borders were not holding its monarchy hostage to their political agenda. Kim Jung II would still be secretly developing an unknown arsenal of nuclear weapons to use against South Korea, Japan, or the United States. Israel and Palestine would be in a full-blown war, as would India and Pakistan. We would not even be on diplomatic terms with Syria and Iran.

Every day I thank the Electoral College that Mr. Bush is in the White House and not a loony lefty like Kerry who would prefer to disarm our military, open our borders wide open to terrorists, and leave our children's financial future in limbo. According to the NTUF, John Kerry's proposed policies would increase the federal budget deficit by $265.11 billion. Keep that in mind the next time you hear Kerry ramble on about the myth of Bush's "tax cuts for the wealthy."

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