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Campaign Finance Reform

by Maitreg

To save my life, I do not see where you people are coming from on this. From what I read, the bulk of it simply limits contributions? I'm afraid this is a result of extremely shallow thinking. Let me explain.

Campaign financing basically comes from two sources: contributions and the candidate themselves. If you take away the contributions, what is left? The majority of campaign money then comes from the candidates. This means that the only people with spendy campaigns are the RICH CANDIDATES! Is this REALLY what you intended? Did you have in mind that the most successful candidates should be Donald Trump and Steve Forbes? Think about it.

I'll bet finance reform proponents are the same people who have complained over the last 20 years that the candidates don't represent the "common American", and that the average Joe cannot run for office. Well, taking away the ability to raise money is the best thing to prevent the average Joe from running for office. It isn't logical and it's anti-American.

The other result of campaign finance reform is where the money ends up anyway. There are a lot of rich folks out there who are very willing to support their candidate in any way that they can. If you do not let them contribute to the campaign, then they will run a campaign on their own. As a matter of fact, you can expect extremely large campaigns to pop up for each candidate that are not run by the candidate him/herself. You cannot take away somebody's right to pay for a commercial promoting their favorite candidate. That's a serious violation of the 1st Amendment.

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