These are a few of the characters in Harry Potter's world.  Click on a name for more information.   The goal is to have a page for each character, so please be patient.

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bulletAgrippa (Witch)
bulletAlgie (Wizard)
bulletAvery (Wizard)
bulletBagman, Ludovic (Wizard)
bulletBane (Centaur)
bulletBaruffio (Wizard)
bulletBinns (Ghost)
bulletBlack, Sirius (Wizard)
bulletBloody Baron (Ghost)
bulletBones, Mr. & Mrs.
bulletBones, Susan (Witch)
bulletBoot, Terry (Wizard)
bulletBryce, Frank (Muggle)
bulletCadogan, Sir (Portrait)
bulletChang, Cho (Witch)
bulletCirce (Wizard)
bulletCliodna (Witch)
bulletCrabbe (Wizard)
bulletCrabbe, Mr. (Wizard)
bulletCreevey, Colin (Wizard)
bulletCreevey, Dennis (Wizard)
bulletCrockford, Doris (Witch)
bulletCrouch, Bartemius (Wizard)
bulletCrouch, Bartemius, Jr. (Wizard)
bulletDelacour, Fleur (Witch)
bulletDelacour, Gabrielle (Witch)
bulletDennis (Muggle)
bulletDiggle, Dedalus (Wizard)
bulletDiggory, Amos (Wizard)
bulletDiggory, Cedric (Wizard)
bulletDobby (Elf)
bulletDolohov, Antonin (Wizard)
bulletDumbledore, Albus (Wizard)
bulletDursley, Dudley (Muggle)
bulletDursley, Petunia (Muggle)
bulletDursley, Vernon (Muggle)
bulletFat Friar (Ghost)
bulletFat Lady (Portrait)
bulletFilch, Argus (Wizard)
bulletFigg, Arabella (Witch)
bulletFigg, Mrs. (Muggle)
bulletFlamel, Nicolas (Wizard)
bulletFletcher, Mundugus (Wizard)
bulletFlitwick (Wizard)
bulletFudge, Cornelius (Wizard)
bulletGordan (Muggle)
bulletGoyle (Wizard)
bulletGoyle, Mr. (Wizard)
bulletGranger, Hermione (Witch)
bulletGrindelwald (Wizard)
bulletGrubbly-Plank, Professor (Witch)
bulletGrunnion, Alberic (Wizard)
bulletGryffindor, Godric (Wizard)
bulletHagrid, Rebeus (Wizard/Giant)
bulletHiggs, Terence (Wizard)
bulletJohnson, Angelina (Witch)
bulletJordan, Lee (Wizard)
bulletJorkins, Bertha (Witch)
bulletKarkaroff, Igor (Wizard)
bulletKrum, Mr. (Wizard)
bulletKrum, Mrs. (Witch)
bulletKrum, Viktor (Wizard)
bulletLavender (Witch)
bulletLestrange, Mr. (Wizard)
bulletLestrange, Mrs. (Witch)
bulletLongbottom, Frank (Wizard)
bulletLongbottom, Neville (Wizard)
bulletLupin, Remus (Wizard)
bulletMacnair (Wizard)
bulletMalcolm (Muggle)
bulletMalfoy, Draco (Wizard)
bulletMalfoy, Lucius (Wizard)
bulletMarge (Muggle)
bulletMaxime, Olympe (Witch/Giant)
bulletMcGonagall, Minerva (Witch)
bulletMcGuffin, Jim (Muggle)
bulletMcKinnon, Mr. (Wizard)
bulletMcKinnon, Mrs. (Witch)
bulletMoody, Alastor (Wizard)
bulletMulciber (Wizard)
bulletMurcus, Merchieftainess (Merperson)
bulletMyrtle (Ghost)
bulletNick, Nearly-headless (Ghost)
bulletNott (Wizard)
bulletOllivander (Wizard)
bulletPadfoot (Animagus)
bulletParkinson, Pansy (Witch)
bulletParvati (Witch)
bulletPatil, Padma (Witch)
bulletPeeves (Poltergeist)
bulletPince, Madame (Witch)
bulletPolkiss, Mrs. (Muggle)
bulletPolkiss, Piers (Muggle)
bulletPomfrey, Poppy (Witch)
bulletPotter, Harry (Wizard)
bulletPotter, James (Wizard)
bulletPotter, Lily (Witch)
bulletPringle, Apollyon
bulletPucey, Adrian (Wizard)
bulletRiddle, Tom (Wizard)
bulletRookwood, Augustus (Wizard)
bulletRosier, Evan (Wizard)
bulletRosmerta (Witch)
bulletSkeeter, Rita (Witch)
bulletSnape, Severus (Wizard)
bulletSnuffles (Wizard)
bulletSpinnet, Alicia (Witch)
bulletSprout (Witch)
bulletThomas, Dean (Wizard)
bulletTim (Muggle)
bulletTravers (Wizard)
bulletTrelawney (Witch)
bulletViolet (Portrait)
bulletVoldemort, Lord (Wizard)
bulletWeasley, Arthur (Wizard)
bulletWeasley, Bill (Wizard)
bulletWeasley, Charlie (Wizard)
bulletWeasley, Fred (Wizard)
bulletWeasley, George (Wizard)
bulletWeasley, Ginny (Witch)
bulletWeasley, Molly (Witch)
bulletWeasley, Percy (Wizard)
bulletWeasley, Ron (Wizard)
bulletWilkes (Wizard)
bulletWinky (Elf)
bulletWormtail (Wizard)
bulletYvonne (Muggle)
bulletZabini, Blaise