Charms & Spells




Alohomora "Alohomora" Unlocks a door
Anti-Cheating Spell   Cast onto a quill to prevent its use in cheating
Avada Kedavra "Avada Kedavra"  
Banishing Charm   Sends and item away from you
Body-Bind Curse "Petrificus Totalus" Causes your entire body to go completely stiff, including your mouth
Bubble-Head Charm   Creates an air-tight bubble around your head
Cruciatus Curse "Crucio"  
Curse of the Bogies    
Disarming Spell "Expelliarmus" Removes the victim's wand from his/her hand and gives it to the caller of the spell
Disapparation   Transport yourself immediately to a desired location.  Extremely difficult, and is discouraged by the Ministry of Magic for anyone who has not shown proficiency.
Drought Charm   Dries up puddles and ponds
Ennervate "Ennervate" Awakens someone from a stun
Four-Point Spell "Point Me" Makes your wand point due-North
Furnunculus Curse    
Impediment Curse "Impedimenta" Slows down the victim
Imperius Curse "Imperio" Gives you complete control over the victim.   Defined as one of the three Unforgivable Curses by the Improper Use of Magic Office.   Use of this curse for negative purposes receives a mandatory prison sentence.   The Imperius Curse was supposedly a primary tool used by Lord Voldemort on some of his supporters to get them to kill.
Jelly-Legs Jinx    
Lumos "Lumos" Lights the end of your wand
See "Nox"
Memory Charm   Makes a person forget their most recent memories
Nox "Nox" Turns off your wand light
See "Lumos"
Patronus "Expecto Patronum" Creates an illusion of a large animal in front of you.  Is used to combat the effects of a dementor.   To be performed properly, you must fill your mind with very happy thoughts.
Priori Incantatem
("Reverse Spell Effect")
  Regurgitates the spells a wand has performed, starting with the most recent
Reductor Curse "Reducto" Blasts away solid objects
Riddikulus "Riddikulus" Destroys a boggart, causing it to explode in smoke
Shield Charm   Creates a temporary, invisible wall around you that deflects minor curses
Sonorus "Sonorus" Increases the volume of your voice like a megaphone
Stunning Spell "Stupefy" Stuns the victim
Summoning Charm "Accio" Brings an item to you
Twitchy Ears Hex    
Unbreakable Charm   Prevents an object from being broken
Wingardium Leviosa "Wingardium Leviosa" Makes an object rise in the air, levitate briefly, and then come back down