Active Server Pages (ASP/ASP.NET)

Script Examples

  • Address Book - Demonstrates how to access database tables and display them in meaningful ways including using client-side Javascript
  • Age Calculator
  • Folder Viewer - Allows you to explore through all available server drives and folders to see the lists of files.

Free ASP Applications & Components

  • Dimac - JMail (used on, Upload, Image, and Sockets.
  • Dundas Software - Mailer, Upload, and PieChartServer.
  • UltraApps - Offers two free ASP applications: Issue Manager is a project management app.  Portal is a community app.  Portal was the foundation for my OBS Portal site.
  • Web Wiz Guide - Offers free ASP applications to add to your site: Discussion Forum, Guestbook, Site Search, Mailing List, Site News, Poll, Internet Search, Graphical Hit Counters, Users Counter, Email Forms, and Database Login.  The Discussion Forum, Mailing List, and Poll applications are used at


  • .NET Frameworks Beta 2 Patch - 9/10/01 - fixes some bugs in .NET Frameworks Beta 2 that rendered it inoperable.  Requires .NET Frameworks Beta 2.  Download
  • Remote Scripting 1.0b - 9/10/01 - allows the browser to execute server-side scripts without reloading the page.  Requires IIS. Download
  • Script Encoder - 10/8/01 - a simple command-line tool that enables script designers to encode their final script so that Web hosts and Web clients cannot view or modify their source. Download
  • VBScript 3.0 Documentation - Obsolete but available here.  Download Windows Script 5.6 Documentation instead.
  • Windows Script 5.6 - 10/18/01 - Contains VBScript 5.6, JScript 5.6, Script Components, Script Host 5.6, and Script Runtime 5.6
  • Windows Script 5.6 Documentation - 9/12/01 - For Windows 98, ME, NT4, 2000, and XP. Download
  • Windows Script Component Wizard - 9/25/01 - automates the process of creating a script component (.wsc) fileDownload
  • Windows Script Control - 9/10/01 - an ActiveX® control that provides developers with an easy way to make their applications scriptable. This, in turn, enables users to extend application functionality through scripts, much as they do with macros today.  For Windows 98, ME, and NT4.  Included in Windows 2000. Download
  • Window Script Debugger - 9/10/01 - a debugging environment that extends any Microsoft® ActiveX® Scripting host application—for example, Microsoft® Internet Explorer (IE) or Microsoft® Internet Information Server (IIS). When used in conjunction with IE and IIS, Web developers can browse, edit, and debug scripted HTML pages (.htm, .html, and .asp files) on both the client and the server. The Script Debugger allows developers to more efficiently and effectively develop script applications. 
  • Windows HTTP Services 5.0 SDK - 10/30/01 - provides developers with a server-supported, high-level interface to the HTTP Internet protocol Download


ADO (ActiveX Data Objects) is a set of objects included in Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) that gives the developer the means to fully access and manipulate a database.  ADO is the most widely used database access resource.